photo by Hiromi Hayashi


加藤Kさんの仕事から連想する有名な画家は大竹伸朗 やストーリートアーティストバンクシー、
ジャン=ミシェル・バスキアなどを思い描くが、少し違うような気がする。 元々、人間の意
識には 困難をたえず乗り越えようとする意味で、「自由であろうとする本性」があるという。
く。それは自分ら自らの人生を描いているようである 。



Famous painters that I associate with K. Kato's work include Shinro Ohtake, street artist Banksy, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, but I have a slightly different impression. Originally, it is said that human consciousness has a "nature of trying to be free" in the sense of overcoming difficulties without ceasing. The premise behind this is that human consciousness can stand on a meta-level. For example, even if one's gender and age are specified, one can ignore them in one's mind and imagine a completely different self. It is rare to meet such a person. Hegel called this ability to deny reality and stand on a meta-level the "negativity of consciousness. When faced with difficulties, consciousness tries to overcome them and become free by demonstrating this negativity of consciousness. K Kato's paintings, with brushstrokes that seem to narrate the destruction of the images produced by his works and the process of making drawings, are works in which a distant state of consciousness is forged over and over again. It is as if he were depicting his own life.

Toshiharu Suzuki (Art Critic / Aichi Art Collective)

KATO Kによる、初期ドローイング・ペインティングから現在に至る膨大な作品を網羅した電子版作品集です。
This is an electronic version of a huge collection of works by KATO K, from his early drawings&paintings to the present.